Frequently Asked Questions: Mamaway Post-Natal Recovery Belt

Recovery belt

Can I still wear this after 6 months?

We recommend that you use this immediately after birth. We also believe the 6 months after birth is the "golden" period to recover, so if you start wearing this belt within 6 months, you should be able to see results. However, if you feel you need the support you can wear any time even after 6 months. 

Can I wear it for long hours or to sleep?

Safe on skin and ultra stretch for comfort and support during sleep. But  we advise you to check the tightness to ensure your comfort.

Can I wear this for natural birth or C-section?

Yes this belt will help with recovery in either cases. However for C-section, please make sure you carefully cover the cut, For both, you can wear it immediately after giving birth. 

Please note if you are in between sizes or unsure about your weight gain during pregnancy, please go for L-XL. This really should be an one size fits all belt as you can adjust the tightness yourself.

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