Our Story

Our goal is to help take the stress out of breastfeeding so that you and your baby can enjoy that special bonding anytime, anywhere. Mamaway has been in the UK since 2007 and has supported tens of thousands of breastfeeding mothers through their nursing journey.

Mamaway was conceived by Deborah, a Mum just like you. During her first pregnancy and when trying to breastfeed, Deborah struggled to find clothes that were comfortable, looked good and made breastfeeding easy. Deborah decided to take on the challenge and created what you see today as Mamaway. After opening 40+ stores in Taiwan – and having 2 more babies – she wants to share her passion to other parts of the world.

Designed and Tested by Mums


Our team of designer Mums (in every sense of the word ;)) understands what you needs during your pregnancy and while breastfeeding. We're determined to ensure that every one of our products looks great, feels great and is of the highest quality.

We also know that Mums worldwide enjoy varieties and access to a wide range of styles that is not limited to "maternity fashion". It is important to us that you have the option to wear an outfit because it looks good, not just because it is easy to breastfeed in. That's why we've developed patented openings that provide you with easy access for nursing your baby. Yet, if you didn't know they were there, you probably wouldn't find them (We have had customers phone and ask "which ones are for breastfeeding?" "All of them!" we answered with a big smile!)

Our Wide Range of Products Designed to Make a Mothers Life a bit Easier and Prettier


Here is just a short list of some of the great gear you can get from Mamaway:


  • After a day out with your baby in one of our breastfeeding tops, we're sure you'll look no further for your maternity wear. It's just that easy feeding your baby! Make sure you pack a few in your hospital bag!

  • Mummies need to look and feel sexy too. Our maternity intimates are designed to help you do just that.

  • Don't feel like you can't get your pre-pregnancy body back. We've developed a line of shape and recovery wear to help you on your way.

  • Want to milk your feminine look for all its worth? Then take you and your bump out partying in one of our gorgeous maternity dresses.



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