Extra Strength Bamboo Postnatal Corset

SKU: 06889Z
  • *Due to Covid-19 we are not planning to import in the near future. However L/XL should really be the one size fits all. Apologies for any inconvenience*

    Made of soft, light and breathable material, our best selling extra strength bamboo post-natal recovery wrap is designed to support your body while it recovers post-birth, suitable for both natural births and C-sections. It will help with muscle separation issues.

    It can be worn immediately after giving birth and is designed to be fully adjustable so that you can wear it comfortably and feel supported while doing all of your everyday activities.

    • Easy to use 3 way fastening feels secure and comfortably tight.
    • Gives an immediate waist line.
    • Self adjusting Velcro straps allow for flexibility as your shape reverts its pre-pregnancy state.
    • Breathable Bamboo fibres form a rigid yet flexible material enabling easy, natural movements.
    • Dual-layered closure enables you to adjust fitting to your desired pressure
    • High quality durable construction that will maintain its shape.

    Size guide

    Size S-M L-XL


    Length (CM) 100 115 ± 1
    Width (CM) 24.5 24.5

    ± 0.5

    Belly size- around belly button


    20-36 inch 30-50inch  

    Pre pregnancy size




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