How to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public

October 30, 2014




How To Feel Comfortable Breast Feeding In Public

As much as breastfeeding is natural and often the best decision for you and your baby it can be a bit daunting to do this in public. The truth is that realistically there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public however sadly not everyone feels the same. That doesn’t mean that you should give up on the idea of breastfeeding away from home (after all, if your baby needs feeding this can’t be avoided) it does mean that you might want to look at ways to build your confidence and make life easier.


The Right Accessories for Breastfeeding in Public

First of all have at think about the clothing you are going to wear while you’re out and about and how you can make life easier for yourself. Investing in some nursing clothing is recommended because these come with ties and fold over flaps which are designed to keep your modesty while you breastfeed. Look for clothing with snaps and buttons can help to ensure that you can just unclip the part of your clothing that you need without having to expose all of your body in order to feed your baby – which is the part that many people find uncomfortable.


Be Organised

The last thing you want to do is give yourself an excuse not to breastfeed while you are out. Make sure that you keep your baby changing bag packed with everything that you need and were possible some spare items in the boot of your car.  If possible have a small blanket or towel in the bottom of your babies pushchair which you can then use to cover up  you and your baby should they decide that they’re hungry and need feeding now.


Be Confident

As much as they shouldn’t, the chance are that people will look at stare when you breastfeed in public – you can’t let this put you off! Instead you need to approach the whole situation with confidence and brush off any stares you get. The more confident you look and feel the less likely people are to stare and make a fuss over what you are doing – which is unlikely anyways!

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