How to be fashionably pregant

January 6, 2015


Pregnancy is a fantastic time to enjoy different styles and looks. As you watch your body develop into an incredibly feminine curvy shape, getting dressed each day can become an enjoyable part of this exciting time.


Below are some tips to consider when buying maternity and breastfeeding clothes.

Pregnancy Rule Number One – Look Good & Be Comfortable at the same time.

–   You’ve still got a unique body shape with a certain style that suits you. So, unless you find you change radically, stay close to styles that suited you pre-pregnancy.

–   If jeans are a staple part of your normal every day wardrobe, make sure to invest in the right pair of maternity jeans. You’re pregnant for approximately 266 days. So you’ll probably wear your maternity jeans for at least 200 of those days plus a few more post-pregnancy.

–   Rather than buying cheap, buy less and make sure that your purchases focus on quality and versatility.

–  Another way to get value for money is to make sure that your maternity tops will either suit your body post pregnancy or that they are designed to function as a breastfeeding top afterwards.

–  For maternity bottoms, you’re going to face the whole new challenge of dealing with gravity. Maternity dresses are a great way to tackle this. But if you’re just not into dresses, try maternity overalls. Trust US, you’ve just got to wear them right and you’ll look amazing!

For the less glamorous side of Pregnancy, try these suggestions:

–   “Cankles” can be a vicious visitor during pregnancy. But don’t fret. They will go away and, in the meantime, maternity jeans and boots can be wonderful friends.

–  Don’t let fluid be an excuse to stay in your slippers and dressing gown all day. Throw on a loose flowing curvy dress with some high cut boots.

–  Go easy on your high heels for a while. You look gorgeous without them and high heels can be hard on your body when you’re pregnant.

Looks that particularly suit a pregnant figure:

–   Horizontal stripes work brilliantly on a pregnant figure. So stripe it up and highlight your gorgeous bump.

–   A long top or tunic with leggings are easy to put on, grow with you and can be worn again post pregnancy.

–   There’s something about the cut of maternity overalls with a big baby bump that is positively tantalising.

–   Dresses are an easy very feminine look to enjoy when you are pregnant.


And for Sexy New Mama looks, consider these:

Post pregnancy, most women will find that their body shape changes all over again. For everyone it is slightly different. But, one thing that is guaranteed is that you’ll need your maternity clothes for at least a little while longer after giving birth as your body works on not being pregnant anymore.

–  Enjoy being busty busty busty & work it to your advantage

–  Go for clothes that are easy to wash. Newborn babies make a lot of mess on themselves and, inevitably, their parents as well. So keep your washing load as simple as possible.

–   Necklaces and earrings and all the other lovely accessories you used to enjoy can become annoying when you’re trying to breastfeed or when you have a little one tugging at them. Instead of accessorising, work on bright or contrasting layered outfits to give your look vibrance.

–   If you’re buying a baby carrier, buy one that is not only comfortable but sexy too!

– Splash out and get yourself a fun baby bag


That’s a start from us for now. If you have worked out a few tricks of your own, please FB, tweet or email us and we’ll add it to the list!

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