Why Are Down Coats So Popular?

September 23, 2016

At times when it is biting cold, only a warm and insulating jacket will be able to make you feel comfortable! Out of all the jackets, down jackets make you feel the warmest. Read on to know more about what makes down jacket so special and the steps involved when you choose a down jacket.



How does a Down Jacket differ from other jackets?


In the case of a down jacket, there is insulation provided by duck or geese feathers taken from their breasts and wings; making the jacket soft and warm. It insulates you due to the thousands of air pockets that get created due to the fluffiness of the jacket; thereby ensuring that the heat does not escape your body, keeping you warm.


Difference between Down Jacket & Synthetic Jacket


Compared to synthetic jacket, down jacket differs in weight, as down jacket is lighter due to the presence of feathers, while providing you with a better level of insulation.

For cold and dry weather conditions, a down jacket is highly recommended, while it might not prove to be beneficial during rainy seasons, as the water resistant coats in down jacket might not be 100% waterproof. A down jacket will help you greatly when it is dry and cold. However, it might not prove to be effective during wet weather conditions, as the feathers present will only ensure that you stay warm, but not dry!


Advantages and Disadvantages of Down Jackets



Retains heat

Warmth to weight ratio is more

Suitable for a wide range of temperatures.

Lasts longer



Not effective insulation when wet.

Drying when wet is time consuming.

Comes at a higher price tag.

Lightweight, easy to pack and carry.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Synthetic Insulation



Insulation properties are not affected even when wet.

Comparatively cheaper.



Not much heat is retained comparatively.

Heavier compared to down jackets.


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