The Best Solution for Baby Wearing in the Winter

October 3, 2016


Most trips outdoors with your baby consists of running into a shop, stopping for a coffee, dropping an older child off at school, or taking your pet for a walk around the block. When the baby wearing, the need for thick and bulky snowsuits or coats lessens because your own outerwear and body heat provide extra layers of temperature protection for your precious baby. Wearing a jacket or bulky sweaters under your baby carrier makes it difficult to adjust your temperature to changing conditions without moving your child. If instead you wear a coat over your baby and the carrier, it is easier to maintain proper temperature and your dear son or daughter can continue napping or enjoying the fresh air without being disturbed.


Unless your winter coat is cut very slim, it should have enough room to zip or button up over the baby in the carrier. You might like to try Mamaway's innovative baby wearing jacket which has a removable panel. Some coats provide extra wind protection by buttoning or tying at the bottom hem. This will take the baby's feet and legs inside. If there are any gaps on the top or the bottom are cold breezes can get in, tuck a wooly scarf or small fleece blanket around the baby under your coat. Make sure the baby's head, carefully covered with a hood or hat, is exposed so they can breathe the fresh air and see you close by.


Many new parents prepare for an outing into the chill weather by tucking their baby into bulky clothing that does not exactly fit. Snowsuits, thick coats, and wooly buntings can make the baby slide down inside the carrier and become uncomfortable. If the clothing is too bulky, the carrier may not be snug enough to offer proper support for baby's back and hips. Also, the fabric could cover their face, which is definitely something to avoid. While baby wearing, use simple, layered clothing with some extra protection for feet and head.


If you are not wearing a coat or maternity jacket buttoned up over baby, you might want to add an adorable little poncho with a hood. This slips over your son or daughter and the carrier easily and can be removed if the weather turns warmer. They come in both fleece or knit for warmth and also waterproof styles. Besides being convenient and cozy, a little tyke in a poncho is awfully cute as well.


Sharing the space inside a coat, jacket, or your own poncho with the baby not only fosters a great sense of togetherness, but protects both of you from cold, wind, and rain when you venture out into the world together. Baby will also be shielded from bright lights, sun glare, and being crowded in busy shops or queues.


Remember these quick rules for keeping baby warm in the carrier:


- Bulky outerwear you wouldn't use in a car seat should not be used in a carrier.

- Use layers of clothing to help you and your babies stay comfortable in all weather conditions.

- Remember your body heat and the carrier itself adds layers of protection.

- Keep your baby's head free so he or she can look around, get fresh air, and get attention from you.


As your children grow up and no longer fit in the carrier, you will miss not only the closeness you shared but also the excellent warmth that passed between you. Nothing is so cuddly and toasty warm then sharing space by baby wearing your son or daughter.

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