All You Need to Know When You Wear a Postnatal Belly Band

January 31, 2019


During your postpartum period your body requires support during recovery and postnatal belly bands are great for this purpose. But, how long can you wear a postnatal belly band? Well designed postnatal belly bands are designed for prolonged use. Which means you can wear it for as long as you want.





1.But there are some things you should keep in mind.When do I start wearing my belly band?

You can wear your belly band right after your delivery. Regardless of whether you have a regular delivery or a c-section you can use a postnatal belly band right away. For your postnatal belly band to be effective, you should wear it for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. If you are happy with the results you can wear it for as long as you want and well beyond your postpartum period.


2. Is there a daily hourly limit on the use of a postnatal belly band?

No, there is no such thing as a daily hourly limit on the use of a postnatal belly band. But it mostly depends upon the type of postnatal belly band you are using. You can wear your belly band throughout the day with occasional breaks in between. If you had c-section then it is recommended you take off your belly band for a few hours to let your wound breathe. Apart from that the longer you wear it the better. However, make sure your choose a postnatal belly band with the right kind of fabric to avoid skin irritation.


3. Do you really need to take a break from your postnatal belly band?

Breaks aren’t a must but there is absolutely no harm in taking them. In fact your belly could use a break from all that pressure. Binding your skin for a long time could make it dry and itchy. So, in order to avoid overdoing it, you can take off your postnatal belly band for a few minutes, everyday to moisturize your skin and let it breathe. Unless you postnatal belly band is designed with odorless fabric, using your postnatal belly band for prolonged periods can make it smelly. Posnatal belly bands made up of bamboo fibers really help to avoid skin irritation and odor.


4. Can you wear your postnatal belly band to sleep?

If your postnatal belly band is soft and comfortable go ahead and sleep using them! Some postnatal belly bands scrunch up and become a lumpy mess while you’re sleeping but others are less messy. Regardless, taking a break from your postnatal belly band while you’re getting some shut-eye could be a good idea. Avoid postnatal belly bands that scrunch up at all times. Opt for a postnatal belly band that is flexible and allows you to move naturally without feeling restricted and suffocated. Enjoy it during the day and give yourself a break from it when when you sleep.


5. If you have a good postnatal belly band is it okay if you wear it all the time?

Yes, if your belly band is good then it is okay to wear it all the time. Except in the shower, of course!



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