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Melbourne, Australia

Few tricky starts, but now we're pros. The cherub loves being close especially in this Melbourne winter, and loves being able being able to see and be eye level with all the people he likes to wave at. Love, love, love it.


England, UK

Hi Mamaway: In the sling sleeps my little son, Aaron (9 wks old). The only person who loves the sling more than him is me! It's a wonderful thing, makes my life soo much easier.

Ana K

London, United Kingdom

I ordered the sling and it comes with CD instruction that easy to use. I use it every time I go with my son, we went to a very long flight from Taiwan (bought Mamaway in Taiwan) to Turkey and finally to England. Mamaway baby sling is a life saver as it is so easy to use, it's small enough to go into my backpack and works as nursing cover too.

I think in England, it's uncommon wearing baby using baby sling, no wonder I got lots of complement from wearing it. The pattern is so beautiful and the fabric is awesome, it keeps it's colour after countless of washing in the washing machine. My baby is also very comfortable in it. My son is almost 2 now, I never imagine my motherhood without Mamaway Sling. I am just so thankful and would like to write my appreciation so that you know that your product really worth to have for moms like me.

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