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We are launching UDDER COVERS® nursing cover on Amazon. Since its beginning 21 years ago, the Udder Covers® nursing cover has now been sold in independent boutiques and major retailers in over 86 countries around the world.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This is not only a nursing cover, this is a piece of clothing that will touch you and your baby multiple times during the day. Made of lightweight, 100% breathable high quality cotton

  • BREASTFEEDING IN PRIVACY & REMAIN CONNETED: Furnished with a specially designed neckline for holding the cover away from both mum and baby, and adjustable neck straps for holding the cover in place. Rigid neckline bows giving you direct eye contact with baby

  • MULTI-USE: It can be used as a light blanket, changing mat, a protective sunshade, baby car seat cover or baby stroller cover for protecting infants from dust, wind and direct sunshine.

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALLL: Stainless steel d-rings allow a fully adjustable neckline

Why are we offering this beautiful cover for half price? It's simple- we need reviews! We are launching this product on Amazon only. Although this brand has existed in the US for 21 years, relatively few UK mums have heard of them, so we want to gather the first hand opinion from local mums. So if you are happy to help us out by leaving your honest review (within 14 days of receiving the product), then you can enjoy this item at 50% off.

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My favorite part is the stiff plastic insert that props up the front of the cover so that you can have a nice view of baby and see what you're doing! Before I got this cover, I'd use blankets and it was so hard for me to blindly latch the baby, but this nursing cover gives you the view while preserving your modesty at the same time! Definitely recommend!


I used the heck out of this. We got it right before my little girl was born and used it mainly in restaurants or on shopping trips. Sometimes I would use it while I had her nursing in our baby carrier, and folks just thought it was a blanket to cover her while she slept.


Love it!!! Im using this since my little one was 2 weeks old now she turn 1 year and I still used a lot and this product still in good condition, I washing million of times and the colors still pretty. Im only breastfeeding mommy and is the only cover that we wear all this time.


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